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Buy LipSense with confidence!

100% money back guarantee! (within 3 weeks of purchase.)

SeneGence International offers you the opportunity to sell a product line of unique and long-lasting cosmetics, which are 100% guaranteed. The products are so amazing that women are truly eager to buy them, and become long term loyal customers most of whom also become Distributors.

Network Marketing is one of the few platforms in existence today in which you, the Independent Distributor, have the opportunity to capitalize on the creativity and productivity of the entrepreneurial spirit, earning what you are truly worth.

SeneGence has created a career opportunity that is as unique and as substantial as its products. It is a business opportunity through which you can build substantial residual income and a long-term future.

Patented and Proprietary Product Technologies
Distributors enjoy the benefit of selling highly unique, consumable, and guaranteed products that outperform even our promises!

Revolutionary Long-Lasting Color Cosmetic Technology
Distributors provide an entire line of long-lasting cosmetics for customers to buy and Distributors to sell, found nowhere else in the cosmetics industry!

  • Products Developed by Industry Leaders and Pioneers
  • Products that have a High Demand and Mass-Market Appeal
  • Products that are Highly Consumable with unprecedented consumer loyalty
  • Products that are Fun and Simple to Sell
  • Cutting edge Marketing and Training tools
  • Excellent Distributor support services and training programs to help build your business.

Great Income Potential
SeneGence offer a generous compensation plan that rewards your efforts. You have unlimited earning potential with Downlines built as wide as you like. With a 70 percent payout through the first five levels and fantastic retail profits, is one of the best commission plans in the industry!

Retail Sales of the Product
The SeneGence line of products are unique, in huge demand, and highly consumable. Not only is there an income flow from initial product sales, but from reorders as well!

As an Independent Distributor you have the ability to earn money quickly by means of three income streams: personal sales of the product line, commissions, and bonuses. The latter two are paid on orders placed by Distributors in their downline organization, going as deep as five levels.

Three avenues of income pay out immediately upon your retail selling and sponsoring efforts:

1) Retail Profits
2) Downline Commissions
3) Group Sales Volume Bonus

Distributors are eligible to purchase products at a 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50% discount level and immediately earn between 25% - 100% profit on their retail sales.

A SeneGence™ Distributor may sell product via in-home or in-office demonstrations, privately-owned non-chain retail establishments, trade shows, and many more proven marketing techniques.

As an Independent Distributor you can approach beauty salons, nail salons, and lots more businesses which you can also sponsor as part of your downline.

The compensation plan pays out immediately upon selling and sponsoring efforts. It has no hidden breakage that is so common with other commission plans within the Network Marketing Industry.

How do you get started?
Starting a SeneGence™ business is a simple, low-cost way to be in business for yourself! A small, initial investment enables you to become a Distributor. You receive a Distributor kit (which includes product testers, training materials, and supplies), and begin to purchase SeneGence™ products for resale at discounted rates.

The long and short of it is, it's an opportunity that pays when you sell and also when you introduce others to the same opportunity and they sell. Like to know more?

For more information please click here to send an email.

I look forward to helping you in your new business venture!

"When opportunity knocks, be sure to open the door even if you are in your bathrobe."

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